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Model 616 : Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP)



0.2 bar to 1.0 bar 0.2 bar to 2.0 bar 0.2 bar to 3.0 bar
1 %FS Static Accuracy
MEMS technology
Programmable ASIC to meet customer specifications
Low part count enhances reliability
Amplified and temperature com
EMI protection
Combination of pressure and temperature sensor(MAP/MAT)
—MAP sensor precision with reliable thermistor output
—Two-in-one sensor yields cost reduction and space savings w/one fewer component, wire and connector


    616 incorporates MEMS technology and custom Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)technology in the design. It is specifically designed for tough automotive application.
    The Temperature Manifold Air Pressure sensors in Model 616 provide tow separate outputs critical to air/fuel ratio optimization:
    One voltage output proportional to engine intake manifold pressure
    One resistance output proportional to manifold air temperature
    Model 616 is designed to perform in the underhood harsh environment such as temperature extremes,vibration, thermal and mechanical shock, and corrosive chemical. Please contact us for special design to meet your requirements.



Supply Voltage 5.0±0.5 VDC
Supply Current 10 mA max
Maximum Output Current

Sink 1 mA
Source 0.1 mA

Output Impedance

10 ohms max

Output Type


Output Voltage 0.25 to 4.85 VDC at 5VDC excitation


Sensor Operating Characteristics:


0.2 ba r to 1.0 bar
0.2 ba r to 2.0 bar
0.2 ba r to 3.0 bar

Proof Pressure

Static Accuracy (%FS) 1> 1 %FS

Environmental Effects:

Compensated Temperature Range -40℃ to +135℃

Storage Temperature Range

-50℃ to +150℃


Media Compatibility Media Compatible with Silicon

     Media Compatibility Media Compatible with Silicon
     Please contact us for special design to meet your requirements.


FIAT 46553045,71732447
BOSCH 0261230030
FACET 10.3091
FIAT 73503657,735036570
BOSCH  0281002437
IVECO 504088431,73503657
BENZ 1571530128
MWM 9 6120 06 9 0024
OPEL 24459853,9196671,93171176
SAAB 9543901
VM MOTORI S.P.A 45962069F
FACET 10.3082
FORD 2U1L 9F479 AA
HODA JAZZ(GD)1.2 37830PWEG01
OPEL 1571530028
BOSCH 93399801
CHERY  0261230099,480ED-108060
FIAT 46769978
GM 93170309
OPEL 1238244
BOSCH 0261230042
FACET 10.9302